We make buildings smart by integrating equipment into a one dashboard

For facility management companies

For real estate and asset managers

For developers and builders

Single IoT Dashboard

Less cost, less stress, higher level of service.

We help to overcome the obstacles

Multiple heterogeneous IoT software for different equipment

Various IoT devices, sensors, meters. Proprietary software and vendor-lock

Lack of IoT expertise

One IoT dashboard for a bulding is a game changer

Saving time and money

Reduce staff costs in the building

Risks mitigation

Reduce risks of assets and equipment damage

Data access management

Make your data available for analytics

“Whitelabel” option

Increase your brand awareness

Lifting equipment

Elevators, travelators

Engineering equipment

HVAC controllers, security and fire alarm systems, drainage systems, pumping installations.

Meters and sensors

Water meters, heating meters, electricity meters, gas meters, proximity sensors, leakage detection sensors.

Can we connect variuos things?

Yes, we can connect diverse building's equipmnent

Save your time by choosing our professional team.

Why Choose Us?

Well, because of our IoT experience. We are glad to share our IoT expertise with you.

More than 300 types of devices

More than 300 types of IoT devices have been sent to cloud applications.

Vast Experience

Expertise in working with metering devices, sensors, data loggers, PLCs.

15 years of experience

15 years of software development experience.

Professional Team

A capable team with more than 15 dedicated IoT developers.

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