Deliver the data of your IoT devices to AWS for a fixed time and cost using advanced IoT expertise

For developers of IoT solutions

Enrich your vertical solutions with new IoT equipment.

For system integrators in IoT industry

Improve IoT project delivery with the service's predictable outcomes.

For IoT vendors

Bring your device data to AWS to gain competitive advantages.

Our offer is

A Professional Service

We help you to bring your devices data to Amazon IoT to leverage the power of AWS platform.

Source code

Java code with comments

Production-ready compiled module

Executable file that is good to go.

Detailed documentation, blueprint

It is mush easier to test, run and scale with the docs.

What is the result?

A Software Module

This software module collects, interprets and transfers data to your AWS IoT instance.


Fixed payment

Payment, depending on the number of parameters to collect


Compatible with Linux, Windows, mac OS operation systems

Code modification

Further source code modification to meet customer's requirements


Software warranty provided for 6 months or even longer

Rapid development

High speed of development based on ready-made frameworks

Daily progress

We provide you a daily report on the status and planned completion date

Cloud or on-premise

Ready for installation on premise or in a 3rd party data center

Predictable outcomes

Predictable outcomes, delivered just-in-time

Testbed provided

Test execution of the software on an IoT simulator provided by Devicety

Save your time by choosing our professional team.

Why Choose Us?

Well, because of our IoT experience. We are glad to share our IoT expertise with you.

More than 300 types of devices

More than 300 types of IoT devices have been sent to cloud applications.

Vast Experience

Expertise in working with metering devices, sensors, data loggers, PLCs.

15 years of experience

15 years of software development experience.

Professional Team

A capable team with more than 15 dedicated IoT developers.

Description of Service Delivery Process


Service request

Device model, connectivity channel, vendor’s documentation, protocol description.


Checking feasibility

Ensuring if the service delivery is feasible.


Connecting the device

Connecting the device to a TCP / UDP channel for remote connection.


Checking the availability

Checking the availability of the device via the Internet.


Signing of the contract

Agreement, prepayment.



With a daily report on the status and planned completion date.


Customer approval

Customer approval of Services Rendered, signing of documents, final payment.

Services Not Offered

We do not physically connect the device to the Internet

We do not develop software for visualization, analytics

We do not make websites, web applications, mobile applications

Our Pricing

5 device tags

  • One-time payment
  • 5 tags or commands
  • Daily Reports
  • 1 Year Warranty
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30 device tags

  • One-time payment
  • 30 tags or commands
  • Daily Reports
  • 1 Year Warranty
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60 device tags

  • One-time payment
  • 60 tags or commands
  • Daily Reports
  • 1 Year Warranty
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